It's a Numbers Game

March 27, 2017

One of those chores no one wants to do...a trip to the DMV. My son's license picture had to be taken again and of course he put it off until the last possible second. I went along for the ride to the Hazleton DMV. They have a numbered system like a deli so when you walk in you grab a number, take a seat and wait your turn. Sean pulled 87 and the screen on the wall said they were already at 74. In my mind, we would be out in 15 minutes. WRONG!!! About an hour later, he was called and off we went. I find myself at times passing on the good deli meats to buy the cheaper precut stuff just to avoid the line. The magic number for me is 3. If it's anymore than 3 numbers away from me, I'm gone! How about you? is there a certain number that you'll wait before you leave?