It Only Happens To Me...Right?

January 5, 2017

Is it only me? Why is it 90% of the time when I go to the deli counter (in any supermarket), they always have to go in the back to get another. It seems like no matter what type of meat or cheese I'm looking for, they always run out and have to go get another. Just when you think you're making good time in the supermarket, this brings your life to a complete standstill. It's like driving on 81 and seeing a long line of brake lights as far as the eyes can see.

Sometimes they disappear for 5 minutes. Where did they go? Break? Smoke? Phone call or nap? When they finally lug that new slab of ham on the cutter, we are subject to the first slice which is like getting the ends of a bread loaf. It's the part no one wants. No much bothers me in life, but deli adventures are a mood about you?