I Thought it was Called The Berwick Lights

December 28, 2016

During the Holidays, as you drive through NEPA, you see some amazing light and decoration displays on homes. Sometimes, it's the individual house and sometimes it's an entire block. My wife Michele turned me on to the Berwick Lights (Which is what I thought it was called). It's actually called Christmas Boulevard in Berwick. Living in Drums, I just stay  on Rt. 93 and run right into this amazing display. I didn't count the other night, but I believe it's about eight blocks long of beautiful Holiday decorations.

About halfway through, they accept donations for next year's display. Since the Wise Potato Chip company is based in Berwick, they always hand you some free snacks while you drive through the display. If you have never seen it and have children, do it before it shuts down for the season. I promise it will become a yearly tradition with your family. Let me know what you think...