Doc's Weekend in 5 Pictures

May 1, 2017

Another busy weekend in NEPA!.The great news is that our kitchen is done. The countertops and tin backsplash look amazing!

Saturday, we headed to Bloomsburg for some shopping at Home Depot.and an antique store Michele likes. I must say this about the Home Depot employees in Bloomsburg, they were so helpful and met you at the entrance to help anyway they could. When looking for a new grill, everyone mentioned "get a Weber." So we made the investment. From there, we stopped at The Market Place on 10th St. in Bloomsburg. We bought this cool looking American Flag made out of pieces of a picket fence and a flower pot holder for our deck. There was a bee hive for only $15.00. Even though I thought it was cool, I passed on it.

After a weekend of outside work, I developed quite a rash on the back of my neck. I spent Sunday morning at Geisinger Urgent Care in Mountaintop. It turns out all of the little caterpillars on our property and on and under my clothes got to the back of my neck. They said it's called Caterpillar Rash and it's happening to a decent amount of people in NEPA. I'm on steroids and cream for the next few days. Be careful outside!