DOC'S BLOG: Now That's a Burger!

April 29, 2019

Michele and I were driving around over the weekend and found ourselves in Lock Haven. We were pretty hungry and it was around lunch time, so off to Google she went to find a good local place. She found a place called, The Old Corner Bottle Shop. She checked the Yelp! reviews and it all all pretty positive. It's funny, I would just find a place and go, but Michele is all about the customer reviews for everything from food or furniture. Good call. It was a bar food menu which I am fine with and I ordered this burger called a Big Joe. It's described as a Big Mac, only bigger and tastier. Since I am a Big Mac lover, I ordered it on a dare and it lived up to the hype. Don't know when I'll be in Lock Haven again, but it's worth the stop if you're thirsty and hungry!