DOC'S BLOG: Meet My New Friend Josh

May 13, 2019

The little things in life make the biggest impact on you. Over the weekend, Froggy was at Pocono Raceway for "Sunny Day Camp" with the State Police Troop N. The event is for people with Special Needs from kids to adults . The Police, Sheriff's Department, the Army, the Fire Department all had displays for the families. There were even free rides in the Riesentoter Region Porsche Club of America race cars which everyone loves. At the Froggy tent we were giving away t-shirts and CD's. While I was talking to one family, a Mom came up to me and asked if I was Doc because her son could hear my voice and he listens every morning to us. I walked over to meet Josh and take a picture with him for his Mom. He asked me to lean down and told me I was his "hero." This brought a tear to my eye behind my sunglasses. I know what I do isn't anything special, but Josh's comment to me will impact me for the rest of my life. The real heroes are all of the First Responders working at the event to make it a huge success. Thank you Josh, I will never forget you!