DOC'S BLOG: Meet Me in the Ladies Room

October 2, 2019

Michele and I were running around the Kingston area pricing flooring and paint for our basement. When that was done, it was time to eat! Google to the rescue, we saw a place close by called Flaherty's...a very cool looking Irish Bar. In fact, if I ever owned a bar, I would like it to look like this place. Before ordering dinner (wings and a cheeseburger), I needed to use the restroom. Since it was my first time at Flaherty's I looked around and saw a restroom with the door open at the other end of the dining room so I used it. After my wings, I needed to wash my hands so I went back in and never closed the door. As we were waiting for the check, I saw a woman from the bar walking to that restroom I just used twice and she closed the door. On the door, it said "Ladies." Whoops! That probably explains why the toilet seat wasn't up.