DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Makes Doc Cry (In a Great Way)

November 8, 2019

Jessie threw an On-Air birthday party for Doc which included cake, a beautiful card, an awesome Simpson's picture of Doc in the studio. She also had some of his favorite people in the radio industry who impacted his life call in to leave a message including Jumpin' Jeff Walker from KRZ, Neuman from Bob in Harrisburg, Jimmy Harnen formerly of Plymouth who is now the top guy at a major Country label, his former boss Frank Bell who now is one of the managers for Taylor Swift and from his days in Philly, Andie Summers (Doc's former co-host from 92.5 XTU) and Bryan McKay also from XTU. Andie and Bryan also worked previously at Froggy. As great as all of that was, then Jessie brought in the "heavy hitters." The first call was from his wife Michele and then Jessie had his three kids, Christian, Sean, and Julia each leave him a beautiful message which brought Doc to tears.

Getty Image Credit: NiseriN