DOC BLOG: Every Day Should Be Election Day

November 7, 2018

After last night, I wish every day was election day. For my area, I vote in Sugarloaf Township. We went as a family to vote, Michele, Sean and Julia. Unfortunately for Julia, she is eight days shy of her 18th birthday and could just watch me cast my vote. Here's the best part! I pretty much ran into friends I haven't seen in a while, parents of kids I used to coach in baseball, community theater actors from when Sean was Ralphie Parker in "A Christmas Story" and even a woman who brought her dog to vote. I know it's weird, but this was the biggest group of people from my past who I didn't see while attending a funeral. We were in line for about 45 minutes but it seemed like 5. I can't wait until 2020 when we all do it again.