DOC BLOG: Bye Bye $1.25

November 8, 2018

This picture describes my week. I was craving M&M's the other day (which I shouldn't eat). I went into the change cup on my desk and came up with $1.25 in nickels and dimes. Dropping the coins one by one in to concession machine takes longer than it would to eat the M&M's in the first place. When I pressed the letter and number code for them to drop, I got excited as those round things began to slowly spin pushing them closer and closer to the edge anticipating the fall into the drawer below. My M&M's were on the way when it suddenly stopped...Nooooooo!!! I was this close to candy I feel like Charlie Brown when he tries to kick the football and it'ss pulled away from him. Oh well, in another 6 months, I'll save up $1.25 in nickels and dimes and try again. Wish me luck!