Did You Get One?

October 13, 2016

As the temperature gets cooler and the leaves change color, it's a sign that flu season is almost here. I find myself at that lovely age where I now get a flu shot. When I was a kid, I would freak out at the thought of getting a needle. Now they don't bother me at all. I remember when my Mom would bring me to the pediatrician, she would have to promise me a "Mr. Potato Head" if I didn't cry. Once I saw the doctor approaching me, the crying began. My Mom always said, "Just turn your head. You won't feel a thing"...LIAR!!! Even though I cried, I could always count on a Mr. Potato head for my lame effort. Mom was the best. I'm convinced needles are sharper now because when I was a kid, it felt like they jabbed a pencil into my arm. I can handle it now like a big boy. Now, if only Jessie was not afraid!