Behind the Scenes

February 17, 2017

As much as we all love concerts from our favorite artists, I get to see behind the scenes at most shows. I'm always intrigued with all the lights, wires, sound boards and equipment that it takes to put on a two hour concert. For the Brad Paisley show on Thursday, Jessie said a tractor trailer for the show passed her on the road at 4:30AM Wednesday morning on it's way to the Mohegan Sun Arena. When I drove to the arena Thursday night, I saw at least nine tractor trailers parked with Brad's logo. It's big bucks to put on a concert. I'm always in awe of everything that goes on backstage to make a show happen. For the three artists who performed, their are probably 100 people behind the scenes to insure them a flawless performance. The above picture shows you just a taste of what's going on "behind the curtain." I'll see you at the next concert!