Are you Ready???

March 13, 2017

Will this be the Blizzard of '17? Just think, two weeks ago we were in the 60's and sunny and all thought it was an early spring and Punxatawney Phil was wrong. Guess what? He was right! As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm putting together my list of things I have to bring with me when I come back tonight. First and Don't know if I'll be camping in my office more than one night. I have my air mattress, sheet, blanket and pillow all ready to go. They did offer to put us up in a hotel, but I'm just as comfortable here without having to go outside and brush my car off at 4AM. Any predictions? I'm hearing up to 15" here in NEPA. I'm personally thinking higher. If you plan on being out in it tomorrow, call us at 1-800-570-1013 and let us know what it's like out there. Be safe and enjoy the day off if your company gives you one. Jessie and I will be in the studio from 5:30-10AM and hope to hear from you!