Any Idea What This Is?

July 29, 2016

This past week, Jessie and I were looking for another game to play for Froggy Fest and Outlaw Music Fest tickets and she found these things on Amazon. They're kind of Mickey Mouse looking but they're actually lip spreaders. I guess dentists use them when whitening teeth. They're so big, you can't close your mouth hence the game "Watch Ya Mouth." We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did playing it with you. Coming up, more Froggy Fest tickets and this week plus, we want to thank Military Families. If you have someone who is serving, we want to take your family out to the Railriders game on Friday. All week we have your Family 4 pack of Tickets. Jessie and I look forward to meeting you and your family Friday, August 5th at the Game. Have an incredible weekend!