I'm a pinball wizard (or a huge dork)

September 27, 2018

If you ever wonder what goes on after the microphone goes off and I head home, well the truth is.... not much.  I go home, I give my cat some treats, I make myself some dinner, and then I either go for a walk or head to the basement to work or play my pinball machine.  Now usually, I say, just one to two games and I'll head back upstairs.  Now most of the time, this is true, but sometimes, I get on a run, and one game can last upwards of ten to fifteen minutes!   In fact, this morning, I had some extra time before work, so I figured just one quick game.  Well, that one quick game ended up into two long games.  So long, I was late for work, but I'm going to be honest, it was worth it!   Not only did I set my high score on Street Fighter 2 BUT I got the high score on Centaur!  Now I know what you're saying.  "Crock. What are you talking about?" or "Crock.  Who cares?"  

Fair enough.  But for me, I have been at this stupid Street Fighter game for a few weeks now, and I still have yet to beat the Championship mode, but I was able to crush my old high score (200 million points higher) and Centaur, I played on a whim, and absolutely crushed the high score!   And now, because I know you are all so excited to see the scores, here they are!