Wrapping? I'm no pro.

November 29, 2016

So with Christmas quickly approaching, we now all do the last minute scramble for gifts, money, and wrapping.  And speaking of wrapping, I think I may be the worst wrapper on planet Earth.  It wasn't always like this however.  When I was a child I remember being a very good wrapper.  I would sit upstairs with my mom and help wrap gifts, and she even taught me how to put ribbons on the gifts, and use minimum amount of paper and tape.  But somewhere along the lines, that all changed.  I'm not sure how or why, but now, wrapping makes zero sense.  It went from, two pieces of tape, and little paper, to patch work Adams.  

First I start with a MASSIVE amount of paper, and do my best to cover the gift.  This usually leads to me ripping the paper in various places.  From here, I tape as much of the paper I can to the actual gift, which in returns ruins the box of the gift when opening, making returns next to impossible.  Next, I have to fill in those holes.  This is where I start cutting out patches to cover up the holes.  At this point, you are probably thinking to yourself, "His gifts have to look terrible!"  Well, you're wrong.  See the trick is to make sure just the front looks good.  The back is where you do all your patch work.  Because lets be honest, with some maneuvering and hiding your gifts will look just as good as someone else.  Finally I slap on a bow and tape some ribbons to the front, and before you know it, I look like a mll pro wrapper.... just don't look at the back, or sides. ~Crockett