Why do I get my hopes up?

November 7, 2016

So earlier this year, before football season started, it was made apparent to Eagles fans that the Eagles were going to be a dumpster fire.  No one, myself included were expecting anything great this season.  In fact, my buddies and I all were saying we would be happy with just one win this year.  Well, go figure, that the start of the season the Eagles would come out on fire!   Our new QB looked awesome, our receivers were catching the ball, and we looked like we were going to be contenders in the NFC this year.  Then, in typical Eagles fashion, reality set in.  Our starting guard is now suspended, our new coach is making poor calls, our QB is starting to look like a rookie, and now we are losing games.  Not only are we losing games, but we are losing games that we could have won easily!  

Even worse, in NEPA, we have such a big variety of fans, that now on Monday mornings I have to hear it from all ends.  The first few weeks of the football season were fun.  I would come into work Monday morning, eagles jersey on, and a big smile on my face.  Now I wake up, miserable, angry, and hiding my face in shame.  It's crazy, every year I cant wait for football season to start, and about halfway through the season, I'm looking forward to it ending, just so the pain stops.  But as Monday continues on, so does my hope, and by this time Friday, I will be confident in my Eagles one again, and start this miserable cycle all over again. ~Crockett