Well.... there's no denying I'm my father's son!

June 23, 2017

The other day I woke up to a text message from my Aunt Roseanne (my dad's sister). It said, "OMG you look so much like your father!"  I was confused at first, but then the photo came through.  The photo I saw was of my father on his wedding day, but it looks as if someone photoshopped my head onto his body, and and shaved a mustache on my face!   I couldn't believe it!   I sent it to my buddies who were just as equally as shocked.  Co- workers were covering up my name, and saying who is this?  They all immediately said, "Crockett".  The funny thing is, the face my dad is making, is the same stupid face I make when I have had one too many.  My buddies all joke about the face I make, and always say, "Well, we know Crock's feeling it!'  Well, now I know where that stupid face comes from!   Check out the picture below!