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January 17, 2018

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye will NOT be selling baby pictures.   The couple has been reported they will not be selling their new born pictures, when the baby is delivered.  They have had been offered multiple million dollar deals for first photos of their child.   The couple said they will not accept any offers, and will not sell their pictures saying, “It’s just immoral.”   Read more below:


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline had some exciting news their sons Bo and Tate, and some of their friends.  The snow has been falling in Tennessee, so much so, that school was cancelled.  Luke videotaped the news of school being cancelled and posted it on his Instagram page.  Check out the great video below:


Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell told Jimmy Kimmel a story about how husband Dax Shepard and her had a bit of a blowout when they first started dating.  And by a bit, it was a major and dangerous fight!   Bell told the story, how they were taking Dax’s motorcycle to go visit Bell’s parents.  The four hour drive would take the couple through multiple states.  The problems started when Dax believed if a state didn’t require you to wear a helmet on side streets, he wouldn’t wear one.  To prove his point, Dax refused to take the highway, and took as many side streets as he could. This lead to the couple screaming the entire way… on a motorcycle.  She said they scream so much, they both lost their voices.  The fight didn’t stop there!   Bell was so mad at Dax that she refused to hold on to him, and held on to the bar on the back of the bike.  Eventually the couple would make it to their destination, and make up. Bell said, “But we continued dating, Jimmy. That's the moral of the story. We worked through it. It's about compromise.”

Checkout the full story below:


Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is shaking up late in his career and switching labels!   After being with Sony for 20 plus years, the, “Save it for a rainy day singer,” is heading to Warner Music.  Kenny will be joining his new family, who include, Blake Shelton and Brett Eldredge.   Kenny said, “It is a big deal to change labels…but when you hear Warner Music Group CEO of Recorded Music] Max [Lousada], Espo [Warner Music Nashville Chairman and CEO John Esposito], and [Warner Music Nashville Senior Vice President of A&R] Cris Lacy talk about music, about what it means and does, when you hear that passion, you can’t help but get fired up. To me, music is only complete when it gets to the fans and becomes part of their lives. The people at Warner understand my commitment to that idea, and they’re just as committed to those ideals as I am.”  Read more about Kenny’s shake up below:


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has stirred up a little bit of a controversy, but there is no need to worry, she has a perfect explanation.   The royal mom was spotted last Wednesday not wearing her engagement ring.  The stunning ring, once belonged to Princess Diana, filled with sapphires and diamonds.  She was however; wearing a simple gold band.  Her reason?  She was at the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre, for their opening day, which provides accommodation for young patients and their families.  She left behind the ring, in adherence with the hospital’s policy on minimal jewelry.  So those trying to make her out to be the bad guy, should just feel awful about themselves.  Read more about her visit below:


Tim and Faith

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are being sued!   That’s right, and it’s over their new single, “The rest of our life.”  Pop star and singer, Ed Sheeran, claims that the song is “verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer.”  The song in question of being copied is titled, “When I found you,” which was released by ABC records, and performed by Jasmine Rae, was a hit in Australia.  The two songwriters are seeking at least $5 million in damages, royalties moving forward and attorney fees.  Read more about the case below:


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