Trending Today! Hugh Grant 5th child! Bam Margera DUI, Willie Nelson leaves the stage, Michael Douglas sexual accusations, Harvey Weinstein attacked and new music from Dierks!

January 10, 2018

Harvey Weinstein 

Harvey Weinstein Attacked at Scottsdale Restaurant. Weinstein was dining Tuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale when a guy named Steve approached him and asked for a photo.  Now there are two conflicting stories at the moment.  The man who “attacked” Weinstein, a man named “Steve,” claims Weinstein was belligerent, and said no, while the restaurant manager says Harvey was, “sweet” and politely decline. Later that evening, around 9pm, Steve had HIS friend record him go up to Weinstein and slap him in the face twice, while calling his names.  The restaurant claims, Steve never made contact with Weinstein’s face, but you can clearly see he does in the video.  Weinstein refused to call the police, and Steve admitted to having, “quite a bit to drink.”

Checkout the video below! 

Michael Douglas

Right after his father Kirk Douglas received a standing ovation at the 75th annual Golden Globes Sunday night, his son Michael Douglas now finds himself in trouble with new allegations of sexual misconduct. After allegations came out, Michael Douglas wanted to get in front of the story by agreeing to an interview with Deadline, where he denies claims made against him, from a former employee of more than 30 years.  The employee claims Douglas, used "colorful" language in front of her, spoke "raunchily" with friends in front of her, blackballed her from the industry and preformed sexual acts in front of her.   Douglas apologizes for the colorful language, but defends himself explaining, that she could have left the room.  As for the sexual acts and blackballing, he completely denies all of it saying, “"I pride myself on my reputation in this business, not to mention the long history of my father and everything else," he told Deadline.  "I don't have skeletons in my closet, or anyone else who's coming out or saying this. I'm bewildered why, after 32 years, this is coming out, now."

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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson had to leave the stage Saturday night after preforming only one song, Whiskey River.  Willie was scheduled to play an entire show in Sothern California, but was taken off stage, after coughing, and having trouble breathing.  Willie Nelson’s camp is claiming, he either has the flu or a bad cold.

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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is having his FIFTH child at the age of 57! Grant will be having the child with his girlfriend Anna Eberstein, who already is mother to two of Grant’s other four children.  Eberstein’s mother said, “She is due very soon.”

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Bam Margera

Bam Margera was arrested Sunday morning for a dui.  Margera, who has been documenting his life back into sobriety, was pulled over at 8am Sunday morning, when police noticed cellphone activity, which was the reason for the stop.  Police noticed signs of intoxication, and arrested Bam, and set bail at $15,000.  Bam has since checked himself into rehab, and his mother said “He feels a lot better. He had a bad night. He’s embarrassed by it. He’s mad at himself for being stupid. Now he just wants to pick up the pieces and move forward for himself and for his family.”  Maregera and his wife welcomed his first child a little over two weeks ago.

Read more about Bam’s DUI below:

Dierks Bentley 

Dierks Bentley has been teasing something since last year, but no one really knew what it was.  Well, today he revealed what it was! A new album!  Titled the Mountain, will be released sometime in 2018, and Dierks gives us a small sample of what to expect.  The mountain, will be Dierks ninth studio album, and said this one is going to have a “twang of West Coast country-rock."  Dierks said while recording the album “We'd write all day long, and around four o'clock, we'd meet on my deck at this tiny little house and start drinking some beers and hanging out, watch the sunset, watch the mountains change colors, everyone playing songs," Bentley recalls. "You felt like you really could just be free. I'd never done anything like that."

Checkout the trailer and more on Dierks new album below:


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