Trending Today! Dolly Parton "I'm not done yet!" Justin Timberlake serves bugs, Taylor Swift trademarking again, James Franco asking ex gf about his behavior and more!

January 18, 2018

The Situation

Mike the Situation Sorrentino from MTV’s the Jersey shore has found himself in a little bit of a situation.  The reality TV star is facing up to 15 years behind bars, after admitting to tax fraud.  Along with his brother Marc, the two are accused of not paying all of the federal income tax owed on Michael’s $8.9 million income from 2010 to 2012.  The government also alleges that they deposited cash into different bank accounts to avoid reporting income to the IRS, as well as inflating their business expenses for high-end cars and clothing.  Read more below:


Keith Urban

Keith Urban is going back on the road AND releasing a new album.  The new album will titled Graffiti U, and Urban has yet to release at track list or release day, but promise it will be coming soon.  As for the tour, Keith is going all out.  The Graffiti U world tour, will have a total of 59 shows, and will kick off June 15th in St. Louis.  He does come to PA 3 times.  Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Hersey.  See more about the album and tour below:


James Franco

An update on the sexual allegations facing James Franco.  The actor is now reaching out to past girlfriends, and asking for their testimonials on his behavior.  He is hoping to build up enough evidence to prove his innocence and his people said, “He’s known this was coming and was trying to get ahead of the story.”  Franco plans on attending the Screen Actors Guild Awards this weekend, where he is nominated for Best Actor.  Read more below:


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is back at it again with the trademarks.  This time she is trying to trademark the phrase “Big Reputation,” a lyric from her song, “End game.”  Swift is hoping to use the phrase on merchandise including, sunglasses, cellphone cases, pajamas, and gloves.  On top of these products, Swift is in the works of trademarking her own signature, for merchandise like, bathrobes, dolls, toys, glow sticks and hair pins.  The singer has previously trademarked the terms, "This Sick Beat," "We Never Go Out of Style" and "I Could Show You Incredible Things."   Read more about Taylor Swift’s trademark adventure below:


Justin Timerblake

Tuesday, Justin Timberlake had a listening party in NYC for his new album, “Man of the woods.”  The singer is taking his woodland/rustic feel VERY seriously.  So serious in fact, he served his guests insects.  Yes, bugs.  Such as, ants covered in black garlic and rose oil or grasshoppers paired with aebleskiver, a traditional Danish pancake.  While most guests had positive reviews of the party, one guest said she, “had to go treat herself to a pizza.”  To see more on Timberlake’s new album and listening party check out the link below:


Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton received TWO Guinness World Records for 2018, and she says, “I’m not done yet!” The two awards she won are for, most hits on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart by a female and the most decades with a Top 20 hit on that same chart. Parton doesn’t take all the credit for herself, she said, “I’ve been blessed with good people, and I always pray that God will bring all the good and right people into my life, and take all of the wrong ones out.”  Read more about Dolly’s record breaking achievement below:


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#WinnieThePoohDay  today is Winnie the Pooh day, where pooh bear fans across the world celebrate the little yellow bears creation!  Created and first aired back in 1926, the honey loving bear is still finding mischief today!