Tending Today: Meryl Streep, "She's a b***h!" Jersey Shore is back, and Gary Levox bus fire!

January 9, 2018

Meryl Streep wasn’t too happy with Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes Sunday Night.  Here she was on Jimmy Kimmel last night telling what happenen.   Of course it was all in good fun, but if I was Meryl, I would be upset about losing that seat as well.  At that table was, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom star Kate Capshaw.  Check out the video below!


The Jersey shore is back!   However; no one knows where they will be headed.  Right now, the teaser for the show, “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” only teases Where the blank they going.”  The entire cast will be back, with the exception of Sammi, who said she didn’t want to be with her Ex boyfriend Ronnie.  Perfect for me, because I just started re watching the jersey shore last weekend!   Check out the trailer below! 



Gary Levox tour bus caught on fire over the weekend while he was headed out for a hunting trip.  Gary and his brother Kevin were forced to flee the Gary’s tour bus on Saturday morning after it caught fire. Neither of them were hurt, but that was thanks to some quick thinking by Gary who was smart enough to grab the ammunition out of the bus on his way out.  Gary wrote on instgram, ”What a way to start 2018. Thank you lord for your covering this mornin!”  Check out the video here:

And today’s hot hashtags are:

#Makeabandlessinteresting where you try and change a band name to make them… well less interesting.  Such as, Boyz II Old men, or the Black Eyed Teas

And the hashtag #Lawenforcementappreciationday Today is the day where we honor our men and women in law enforcement.