Retracing our steps gets harder with age.

Now where did I put those keys?

May 14, 2020

I hate losing things.  I especially hate losing important things.  I have lost my spare key, and I have not the slightest clue where it went.  Yesterday, I went for a walk.  When I go for a walk, I take my spare key.  Just one, plain silver key, with a little hoop on it,  put right into my pocket.  It's just easier than carrying my whole set of keys.  I don't sound like a mall janitor on my walk, and I don't even know its in there.  Yesterday I walked to the grocery store, bought a few things and came home.  Fast forward a few hours later, and I decide I'll enjoy the cool night and go for a second walk.  That's when I notice, the spare key is not in the same spot it always is.  I say to myself, "Hmm.  That's weird.  Where did I put it?"  See, I'm like a dog or a cat.  I have a routine that I follow every single time I come home from a walk. 

I pull the key out of my pocket, unlock the door, open the door, and immediately hang the key up before doing anything else.  I do this, every.single.time.  So, here I stand, ready for my walk, looking at my key holder, staring at an empty hook.  I say, "well it must be here, because I unlocked the door to get back inside."  So I decide to retrace my steps.  Now, remember about two or three hours have passed since my first walk, but my mind is acting like its been days.  No matter how hard I try to retrace my steps, nothing is coming to me.  I say, "I'll go for a walk, maybe that will refresh my memory."  When I return, nothing.  Still blank.  I watch some tv, have a snack, and decide to try again.  Still nothing.  By, 2 am, I am digging through the trash bin, hoping to find this key, because it is driving me crazy. 

No luck.  It is now, 12:24pm the next day, my mind still cannot retrace all my steps, and I'm still beyond bothered that the key is missing.  In fact, I'm so distraught about it, I'm going to go check my car right now.  It's not 12:31 and I come back empty handed.  So where did this key go?  I have not the slightest clue, and my only hope now, is this aging brain has a ah ha! moment... but im not counting on it.