Ready for summer!

January 24, 2017

Usually around the end of summer, I start to say, "Man, I'm ready for some cooler weather!"  But this summer, I did not ask for colder weather.  This summer, I wanted to stick around as long as it could.  Well, winter has finally took over, and while it's been a mild one thus far, I still miss my summertime weather.  However; it's only January so we still have around 3 and a half more months of cold weather, and I have already prepared myself for the cold, but today was just not fair.  

I was using Google street view today to try and track down a local business I forgot the name of.  Here is where the story takes a sad, sad, turn.  So I bring up Exeter Ave, and being to use Google street view to go "cursing" down the virtual streets.  That's when I realized it.  The Google street view was taken in the summer time.  I noticed all the colors, how all the trees had leaves, the sun was out, and it just looked.... "happy".  I could feel the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze on my face as I drove down this summer road with my windows down, but then, all at once I was ripped from my happy place, and brought back to the slush filled parking lot, followed by the cold harsh winter weather.  

This is not how I wanted to start off my Tuesday.... Thinking about summer, and all the fun that comes with it.  How long did I say we have to wait?  3 and a half months?  Well lets hope that these three months go by quickly, or maybe, just maybe, a miracle happens, and summer comes early!