The pressure is on

October 26, 2016

Well it's no mystery, and it's certainly no secret, but it take me FOREVER to read a book.  Here's the problem, by the time I get home from work, I just want to unwind on the couch, and I really don't want to read.  By the time I am ready to read, Tara is already in bed for work, so turning on a light to read would be rude and wake her up.  Now here is the problem.  There is a book I really wanted to read, "Legends and Lies.  The Patriots."  Well my friend Jess was at the library, and she was able to check the book out for me.  Problem is, I have to get the book read before checkout date, or she is getting late fee charged!  I have about two weeks left and I'm not even half way finished, and my next two weeks are PACKED with things.  Pressure is on ~Crockett