Pinball update!

June 16, 2017

When I say I dive into something head first, I mean it.  And if you are a frequent listener of my show, you know that my buddies and I have really dove into pinball.  For me, I dove into a different pinball project than the rest of them.  I didn't buy a pinball table, but instead I have been building a virtual pinball table! It really started out as a very small project, and really just an attempt to see if I could make a small one after seeing on in person.  Well this quick little project turned into an obsession!   I went from a tiny little screen to now a full fledged pinball machine.  Kind of.  In trying to do this as cheap as possible, I was able to find two different pinball cabinets for a total of $5 then I got the legs (which are lousy and will be replaced eventually for $5.  In total, the cabinet cost me $10.  I stripped the paint, sanded it down, and will eventually paint it, but I will wait till I buy a new screen, but we are going to start using the cabinet now, because our one friend broke the old machine we have been using.  Check out the picture below of the project so far! 

What we are currently using.  

As you can see, its taken a beating over the past few months, and a lot of patch work has been done. 

The front of the current box.  

Inside of the box.

Here's the new cabinet sanded down, holes drilled. 

Buttons in place.  Next step is to install everything!