Pepsi fire review!

May 24, 2017

You may have heard me talking about the newest Pepsi flavor for 2017, Pepsi Fire on my show as of late.  Well, I was finally able to track down a bottle of it and I must say.... I'm disappointed.  Granted, I was already going into this soda with low expectations.  Cinnamon soda is not really what I think of as refreshing on a hot summer day, perhaps during the winter, but summer time?  Come on now.  So right off the bat, its 260 calories for just one bottle, so if you're on a diet steer clear, but if you're like me and curious about the taste let me save you some time.  Pepsi Fire taste like a flat Pepsi, that has a piece of cinnamon candy (think altoids or penny candy) sitting in the bottle of the bottle.  It's by no means gag worthy, but I didn't finish it.  Maybe I would finish it in a colder setting, but 75 and hotter? No thanks.