The Omega Virus!

February 15, 2017

So back in the day my friend Alex Mucha and I used to play a board game, "The Omega Virus." It was Alex's game, but I LOVED it.  Anytime ANYONE went over his house, everyone wanted to play the game. I never played anything like it!   The board talked, tried to kill you, kept track of your items, rooms, and you could battle each other, all while trying to kill the virus, before it destroys Earth!   It was a timed game, so you couldn't take your time, and it would give you clues as to who was going to win so you could stop that person, but prolong the game.  I would guess that the last time anyone of us play the game would have been third or fourth grade, and it wasn't until about three years ago, that the game popped in my head, and I thought, "I should go on ebay an pick one up!"  That was, until I went on ebay, and saw what they were going for.  A complete Omega Virus game goes between $75 - $100!   

I figured I would always remember the game, and if I ever came into a bunch of money, maybe one day I would have my own copy of the game.  Well, last Sunday, my buddy and I decided before we went and helped out buddy move some furniture, we would swing by the local flea market to kill some time.  As we went booth to booth, nothing was really catching either one of our eyes, but the last booth I was going through, on the ground I saw it..... The Omega Virus!  I couldn't believe it, there it was, in great condition, and no damage!   I opened the box, containing my excitement, as to not give away to the seller I was very interested in the game, in hopes the price wouldn't go higher than I wanted to pay for it.  

I asked the price on it, and was told, "I'm looking for $20, because I don't know if everything is there, but I will go down to $15 but no lower."  Well that's all I needed to hear, I pulled out $15 and hurried back to my buddies car.  I went through the box, ready to be disappointed because this game is notorious for missing pieces.  As I went through the box, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.... the entire game was there, nothing missing!  Even better, the batteries still worked!   

So you are probably wondering, what does it look like?  Well, check it out!   I grabbed some pictures for ya! 

And I'm sure you're now wondering what does the game sound like?  How do you play?  Well I shot a quick run down of how the game works, plays, and sounds like! 

I don't know how many people are into board games, but my buddies and I play quite a bit of board games, and if a few people want me to review board games, I would be more than happy to!