My senior living moment.

April 25, 2018

Well I think it's safe to say that 32 is the age where you officially become "old".  You may recall my knee injury a few weeks ago, and how I was wondering if that was the start of old age.  Well today, I can answer that question.  That answer is, yes.  Last night, I wasn't aware of my actions, but this morning I woke up and reflected on my actions and said to myself, "What on Earth Crock?"  

Growing up, heck, still to this day, my mother hounds me about locking my doors, closing my windows and locking them before I go to bed, or for a walk around the block.  Her famous line to scare me is, "It only takes one time."  That of course is a call back to the time her and my father were robbed while living in New Jersey.  Legend has it, they were on the back porch enjoying the sunset, and when they came in, their entire apartment had been robbed, all while they were home!   Now, whether this story is legitimate or not, I will never know, but I hear this story at least three times a year. 

Now back to me and my senior moment.  Ever since the weather broke, I have been enjoying all the windows open while I sleep at night, much to my mothers dismay.  Well last night, right before bed, roughly around midnight, I had just came up from the basement and was getting ready for bed.  I was in my living room, when I heard or thought I heard voice outside.  Now the space between my house and my neighbors house is roughly the size of an alleyway you would find in the city, except I live in the small town of West Pittston.  So hearing voices in the alley at midnight, usually isn't a good thing.  

Quickly, I turned off the lights, and crept to the window in hopes of eavesdropping on the voices.  However; when I got to the window, the voices had fallen silent.  "Must have been the wind" I chalked it up to, and went and brushed my teeth.  Walking past the living room to go to bed, I heard the voice again! I quickly got to the window to hopefully catch the conversation in progress.  Again, nothing when I approached the window.  "Whatever" I said to myself and went to the bedroom.

I was just about to turn off the lights in my bedroom and lay down when I heard a loud crash in what sounded like the alleyway.  This time I knew I wasn't hearing things, because my cat Waffles jumped too.  I booked it to the living room, and looked out the window.  Again, nothing!  I said "enoughs, enough!" I closed all the windows and locked them.  No I didn't go outside and check!  Who knows what could have been out there? After I shut and locked all the windows, I closed all the blinds, and doubled checked all my doors to make sure they were locked.... even the basement door.  

This morning, I woke up, and realized I locked down my house, tighter than Fort Knox.  And all for what?  The wind and a cat knocking over a trash can? Perhaps, but it could have been a burglar or a murder... at least that's what the senior citizen voice in my head is telling me.  But as my mother always tells me, "It only take one time."