My parents are making more sense.

January 31, 2017

So every time I talk with my parents on the phone, its the same old song and dance, "You should move to South Carolina, its so nice here, its cheap, you could go to the beach" ect ect. And every time I tell my mom and dad the same thing, "I have no plans on leaving NEPA."  However; this morning I awoke to see my entire street covered in snow, and snow was continuing to fall to the ground, and I could feel the cold creeping from the windows.  I thought, "Man I have to get up, get dressed, go out into that weather, drive in a cold car, go to work, and then after 8 hours, I have to get back into that same cold car, and drive home in this same weather."  Not the best way to start off your day.  

My mother also every time I talk to her on the phone tells me, "I miss the snow so much.  It's so pretty."  And I always tell her the same thing, "You miss it, until you live in it." So this morning I went outside and shot a quick video of the snow covered street and sent it to them with the message, "you can have it! "  Within minute my dad sent me this picture with the message, "68 and sunny today!"

Well seeing that picture made me think, "maybe my parents have a point." I mean, they are a block away from the beach, cost of living is VERY low in SC, and lets face it, we here in NEPA are not getting 68 degree weather until mid May, IF we are lucky.  If I didn't have such a great job and friends, this would be a no brainer.  Maybe I'm already getting too old, because I'm already set to move to warm weather and I'm only 30!