$3.... well spent ?

October 17, 2018

So I was down near the Salvation Army Tuesday morning so I decided to swing in and see if I could find any sort of treasures.  To be honest, I was going in the small hopes of finding some wrestling figures, but was convincing myself that wasn't the only reason (it was).  Ok, so what did I buy?  The first thing I found was a pretty cool Ghostbusters T shirt. 


Price: $1.00 

Very soft.  No holes or stains.  Cool quote from the movie


It's way too big on me.

Next up I found a Nat King Cole two vinyl record:


Price: $1.00

Pros: Great shape.  Two records.  Great condition.  

Cons: None

And finally, I found the sleeve (no record inside) of The Beatles: Rubber Soul vinyl.


Price: $1.00

Pros: Original Beatles record cover.  

Cons: Terrible condition.  Record not included.  Writing on the front and back.  

So there was my haul from Tuesday.  Overall, I would rate this a C- visit.  The best score was the Nat King Cole record, and the only reason I bought that record was because of two songs.  "Nature Boy" and "Star Dust" which just so happen to be two wrestlers nicknames, and I thought that was a neat coincidence.