The mind is willing but the body is unable.

June 30, 2017

This week started off good.  A nice run and some healthy eating.  Then I got sick.  Wednesday bounced back, and went for a good run, swung by the grocery store, bought a bunch of healthy food to eat, and was ready to kick start the diet again.  However; Thursday, right after work I had to drive to Hazleton, go to a viewing, and by the time I left that, it was past 8, and I figured, by the time I get home I would be too tired to make dinner, so my buddy and I jus stopped by the buffet.  I thought, "Ok, no big deal, I'll jump back on the right tack tomorrow."  Well, today was super busy, and, well, I caved and went for the quick lunch.  Burger King.  A simple sandwich?  Nope, a double whopper, 10 nuggets and some fries.  But hey,  I got a water!