The many collections of Crockett

December 6, 2016

So it's no suprise that I like to collect things.  Most recently, my collection of WWF Ljn wrestling figures (yes I need to write out that entire description because people always ask).  I have always enjoyed collecting things since I can remember.  I have collected things such as: Iron maiden memorabilia (I had A LOT of Iron Maiden things in college) WWF Hasbro figures, records, beer glasses, soda cans, bootleg wrestling figures, Philadelphia Eagles jerseys, and at one point I almost had the ENTIRE collection of California Raisins!   

However; I have started or hoping to re start collecting an old collection of mine.  Nutcrackers.  As a kid, I started collecting Nutcrackers after my parents bought me one for Christmas one year in 3rd grade.   From there, I was hooked.  Every year until 10th grade I would get a new nutcracker, and I slowly built a nice collection.  BY 11th grade however; I stopped collecting, and my parents started using them as decorations for Christmas.  Since my parents have moved, I have inherited my nutcrackers back, and I really enjoy looking at them, and having memories of past Christmases.  So I have decided that once a year I will buy a new one, unless one is gifted to me.  

I snapped some picture of my collection and will post them below, so you can see them, because they only come out of storage once a year!  

The skier was my second nutcracker in the collection.  We bought him at the Poconos! 


These two are my favorites.  Actually signed by famous nutcracker maker Steinbach himself! 

The Drummer with the stripe pants was the nutcracker that started it all!  

As a kid, I LOVED that giant nutcracker.  It was my grandfathers, and when he finally gave it to me, I was so excited!