Love is in the air!

April 28, 2017

This is my second time heading to the Poconos, and staying Cove Haven for my wedding Anniversary.  People always ask me what it's like.  Well, why not just tell you, but do you one better and SHOW you!?  This place is beyond fun for a weekend getaway!  Not only is you breakfast and dinner included (both awesome by the way) but you also get a show on the weekends.  But, now for the big stuff, the stuff you hear me talking about on air!  You want to see some of the room! 

Yes, we always stay in the famous champagne room, that has a giant champagne glass tub in the middle of the room, and yes it's real, and yes, it's awesome!   But, what you may not know, and I didn't the first time we went, was we had our own swimming pool and sauna IN OUR ROOM as well!   No joke, and I got the pictures to prove it!   Check them out below! 

Looking to get away for a fun weekend?  I HIGHLY recommend Cove Haven.  Visit them here, and tell them Crockett sent ya!