Sunday mornings are made for treasure hunting.

March 29, 2019

Looking at the forecast all week I was excited to see the temperatures in the 70's.  Warm weather returning to NEPA mean it's almost time to go to the flea markets again.  Last weekend, Michael D. White and I went and did the rounds, for the flea markets.  Sixth street flea market, the one behind the Dollar General, and then we went up to Dickson City to the circle drive in and then finally Sugarmans.  However; thanks to the cold weather, the turn out wasn't that great.  In the end, neither one of us walked away with anything, but less gas in our cars.  That's the thing with flea markets.  If the weather is nice, not too hot, not too cold, the sun is shining, and of course, its not raining, there is a great chance a lot more seller will be out and about.  

So all this week, I was eyeing the weekend temperatures.  I was excited seeing that 70 degree Saturday, but the important day is Sunday.  You see, for whatever reason, Sunday is the day for fle markets, not Saturday, so I had to keep my eye on Sunday.  All week, I watched the temperature drop, and the cloud icon start to turn to rain.  I kept praying for a change of heart from my weather app, but it just kept getting worse and worse.  As of today (Friday) it looks like we are getting low 50's and rain, the exact opposite of what you want for flea marketing.  

But ya know what? While this Sunday may be a bust, I'm keeping my head up, because I can feel the weather changing, and warming up, and that thought alone make me happy this dreaded winter is finally almost over!