I'm finally starting to feel old...

April 17, 2018

I turn 32 this Thursday.  Happy birthday to me... I guess.  I was hoping to make it a little longer before I started to feel the side effects of old age. As most of you know, I have been working out, eating healthy and just improving my lifestyle choices for better part of two years.  Well, as everyone in NEPA knows, this winter has been BRUTAL, and has really put a damper on my exercise .  You may be saying, "But Crock, why not go to the gym?"  Well, I did.... a few times, but truth be told, I really can't stand the gym.  The smell, the crowds, the machines, it just makes me feel like I'm...well... exercising.  So at the end of February, I made a pledge I was done with the gym!   All workouts would be done outside!   Well, that didn't workout too well.  

So FINALLY, last week the weather broke (only for two days but still) and I decided I would take full advantage of it!  I got home from work, put on my running gear, and took off for a run.  Stretching?  Ha!  Who needs to stretch?  I'm still young, and some of the best shape of my life!  Well, jokes on me.  My mind may think I'm still 18, but my body is quick to remind me that I'm closing in on 32.  After the run, no problems.  Took a shower, ate some dinner, and off to bed.  The following day, my knee was sore.  Nothing crazy, but annoying.  I figured, "This will go away in a day or two."  Move forward to a day or in this case two. 

Saturday, what a beautiful day.  Pushing 80 degrees, and my friend and I have plans to hike the mountain.  And hike the mountain we did!   Again, who needs to stretch?  That knee pain?  That was a freak accident, slept on it wrong. So up the mountain we went.  I didn't even break a sweat!   No problem!  I thought, "I'm back baby! "  That is, until we had to make our way down. On the way down, it felt like someone blew my kneecap off with a shotgun.  It was in so much pain I was walking very odd.  I guess I had to be, because my friend asked, "Why are you walking like a pirate, or that your leg weighs a ton?"  I said, "I can't bend it!"

I figured this pain would be only a day.  Well, it hasn't been.  This sucker has brought me down a few times, screaming in pain!   I have been taking Epsom salts at night, followed by an ice pack and elevating it.  What happened to me?  I'll tell you what happened.  Father time is undefeated,  and I'm in his ring now.  I guess stretching before I work out is now in my cards.... happy birthday to me right?