I need that warm weather to save money!

February 22, 2017

My workshop/mancave is in my basement.  Problem is, my basement is VERY VERY cold in the winter.  I mean, it got to the point we had to put a SECOND heater down there to stop the pipes from freezing.  And I'm not talking a small space heater, but an industrial size heater!   So you can imagine, it's not too enjoyable in the winter time down there.  Problem is, it's where I do all my activities.  Activities like, paint, listen to music, build/repair things, and drink.  Now because of this cold weather, I don't find myself going down there too often, which then leads to me spending money in order to keep myself occupied!   I need this warm weather to return to NEPA, so I can just hide in my basement and work on my side projects, and keep myself busy, especially keeping myself busy from spending money!  Who else is with me?  Who's ready for some heat!?