I have to stop sharing all my secrets!

It's costing me my good bird seed!

June 3, 2020

I think I have to keep more things a secret.  A secret from all of you!   I have discovered a lot of you are tattletales!   The amount of times I tell a story, usually about one of my friends, and I start or end the story, now if you know such person, don't tell them I told this story, within a few minutes, that person sends me a text, "Did you just talk about me on the radio?"  And guess what?  The always say they heard it from someone else that was listening to my show!   Of course I joke.  Well, I'm joking about being mad and keeping secrets from you all, I'm not joking that you guys are a bunch of tattletales.  

But with this tattle tailing, there is another problem I'm running into with some of the Froggy faithful.  You take my reviews to heart and it's causing me to miss out on some of my favorite things!  See, sometimes I will talk about a product I really like or enjoy.  I willing talk about on my show.  Some of you will message me, "Hey Crock, where did you buy (fill in product)?"  I will give all the details, and then a few days later when I go to buy that product again.... sold out!  Now, I have no proof that it's my show and my recommendations that are causing things to fly off the shelf, but it seems to happen a lot.  

In fact, I'm practically annoyed with my current bird feed situation at the moment.  I had really good bird seed two months ago.  It was filled with more than just seeds and corn.  It had other goodies for the critters.  See, I don't just feed the birds, I like feeding the squirrels, raccoons, and whatever else hangs out in my front yard while I'm asleep.  This bird seed, was great, and it brought a bunch of wild life to my front yard in West Pittston.  I talked about how great it was, and how much the critters enjoyed it.  Well, I guess I was a good salesman, because I had a few people ask where I bought it and what brand it was.  Like a good friend, I shared my knowledge with everyone, only to find the bird seed sold out EVERY SINGLE TIME since then.

This has forced me to buy new bird seed and let me tell you, the critters are not happy.  I know this bird seed isn't as tasty, because before, they critters couldn't eat it fast enough.  Now, this new bird seed, it just sits.  The squirrels look at me as if to ask, "What is this?" I feel bad for my critter pals.  Here's to hoping I can get the good stuff soon!