I have terrible taste

especially in clothing

December 16, 2019

When it comes to style, I would rank myself at an F.  I'm rather hopeless when it comes to putting together an outfit.  I'm more of a sweatpants and sweatshirt kind of guys in the winter, and gym shorts and t shirt in the summer.  I get it, sometimes there are events where you need to look nice, or dress professional, and this is where getting a letter grade F is a bad thing.  See, it would be ok, if I enjoyed my style if I knew how to dress like an adult as well, problem is, I don't..... 

What I think looks nice, professional, and most importantly, matching, never lands in my favor.  Parents, know how you sometimes let your kid(s) dress themselves, and they come down the stairs and you just have to laugh and re dress them?  Well that's me, and the problem is, there is no one to re dress me, so I just go out as in looking like a buffoon.  However; there may be help and it's all thanks to Luke Combs! 

Luke Combs teamed up with Crocs (yes, the ugly shoe company) and released a very unfashionable croc.  It is camo, with a bottle opener and it retails for $60.  How does this help me?  Well, get this.  His ugly Croc was the most googled shoe of 2019!    Not only that, the shoe was released in November, and it was the most searched shoe for the whole year in one month!  That means, there MUST be a lot of people who think my style is "stylish" OR a bunch of snobs wanting to look at an ugly shoe...... Maybe I'm still doomed. 

Check out the croc below: