I got bamboozled by my friend!

May 26, 2016

My buddy told me, "I have a great TV for you! Its a few years old, but flat screen great picture, you want it? " Me looking for a TV for my basement said, "Absolutely!" My buddy said, "It's heavy, that's the only thing." No problem. He leaves it on my porch, I move this TV to my basement by myself, and move my other HEAVY TV upstairs. Now Moving the GOOD TV from the basement to upstairs, I crash into the cement wall, and by the time I get it up stairs, I have done something to the picture, and it is not as good as before.


So, I now put my buddies TV in the basement, and last night I finally got around to setting it up. I plug everything in, and I can't get rabbit ears channels to come in. I think, "Hmm, weird." So then, I plug my xbox into it. It looks TERRIBLE! I google this TV, turns out, its NOT new, but OLD and crappy! So now, Im stuck with a GOOD TV, thats broke, and a crappy old TV that works!