I just like to watch the animals enjoy themselves

March 14, 2019

I love the warmth of springtime.  You can open the windows, feel the breeze wisk through the house, and enjoy the chatty birds chirping and tweeting in the spring sun.  My cat claims his territory on the windowsill, watching the busy village of squirrels and birds. Waffles, if he could talk, would probably tell you this is one of his favorite activities. And he is not the only one. When we are home, I find myself watching with him. I love to feed the squirrels pieces of bagels, donuts, and muffins. I chuckle watching their little bodies carrying around these giant meals. I picture myself walking down the street with a giant dinner roll, nibbling as I make my way home.  

I have been saving goodies for just this occasion, when the weather would break and I could share my treats with my springtime friends. But by the time I get home, it's dark, all the animals are in for the night, and I miss out on watching the frenzied enjoyment of the buffet dinner I have provided. This morning I decided I would set up early. So I went outside, broke up the bread, and scattered it around their meeting tree. I also had an entire raisin cake, complete with icing on top, ready for them!  I decided to not break it up into pieces. Instead I placed it near the tree in tact, with the hope that one lucky squirrel would wake up and come to the hangout tree, only to see something his little eyes have never seen. A bed of raisin cake, all for himself... that is until his buddies show up.  

I waited and waited but finally had to make my way to work. I left my house feeling a bit bummed out because I wouldn't be able to see the squirrels excitement as they indulge in what must be their first big meal of spring.  No longer eating lousy seeds my neighbors leave out for the birds, in a hanging bird feeder, which can't be easy to steal from, but helping themselves to an effortless fest. I know someone who didn't miss the show. Waffles. He is surely in the bedroom window enjoying the spring breeze, listening to the birds, and watching the squirrels enjoy their food.  What a lucky cat. ​