I don't have it in me to toss it!

But I also can't wear it!

May 27, 2020
new cover jakcet

A few weeks ago I somehow got on the topic of my letterman jacket, and said I would post pictures of it.  Well I finally got around to it!   I have had this jacket since 2003.  My parents bought it for me after my junior season of wrestling.  I wore this jacket EVERYWHERE.  I'm not sure how high school is in NEPA, but in West Virginia, you wore your jacket with pride.  It was our badge of honor and in a way to show you were "somebody".  Plus, if you or your team placed high in the state, they would award you with a special patch to sew on the jacket to show off.  I placed second in the state for wrestling my junior year and received a special patch, and that's when I knew, I needed a jacket.  

I also lettered in Football and track, but never bothered putting my patches on the jacket for whatever reason.  I did place second in the state my senior year, but never had the second patch sew on, and it has since been lost over the years.  At one point, I had pins on the giant W, but those too have fallen off over the years.  Speaking of the years passing by, the jacket has sat in the back of the closet since the end of the winter of 2004.  After I graduated and moved to NEPA, there was no reason to wear the jacket anymore, but I just can't find it in me to get rid of it.  I'm sure if I still lived in my old hometown, and went to the matches, it would be ok to wear it to show my school pride.  I think enough years have passed, where I no longer look like the guy trying to still be in his "glory days" but the old timer who comes to the meets to cheer on his town.  But since I live in NEPA, if I wear the jacket I'm sure I will just look like a goof.  So the jacket stays put away. 


I hope one day, I can find a use for it, but for now, it waits for a second chance to shine again.  

jacket 3

jacket 2

jacket 1