I can see why people steal shopping carts!

May 25, 2016

So Tara and I started walking to the grocery store.  Not only for the exercise, but to also save money.  Think about it. Whatever you buy at the grocery store, you have to carry home, and wit the trip being 5 miles total, not including walking around the super market, you are pretty beat before the walk home, let alone carrying bags!   So, you have to be smart with what you buy.  Well last night we went to the super market, grab the necessities for the week, and were ready to go.  At this point, I realized I REALLY wanted eggo waffles for breakfast, but we were already at our limit, both weight and budget,  so I had to say no to my precious Eggos.  As we were walking out of the store, it dawned on me, this is why people steal shopping carts, because they don't want to carry everything home!   Would it be trashy to have a Gerritys shopping cart on my porch?