More videos coming soon!

November 7, 2018

So my boss, fellow co workers, HECK , even you guys have been asking me, "Hey, Crock!  Where have all the videos been?"  Listen, I know it's been awhile since I have made a "funny" video of any kind, but there is a reason.  My cat, Waffles, decided my phone looked better cracked and broken, than working.  Yes, he pushed my cellphone off the ledge it was sitting on, and sent it plummeting to it's death.  On it's way to the grave,  it took a last second stop onto the corner of the metal heating board to destroy the screen, before hitting the cold hard tile floor, where it would lay there and wait for me to find it.   Since that day (about four or five months) my phone screen has been cracked, the microphone does not record audio correctly, and even before that, there was this weird spot always on every picture.  So needless to say, creating a video was out of the work until a new phone was purchased.  

So why not just get the phone fixed when it broke?  Well, that was an option, but I noticed the phone was paid off in four months and said, I can live with this until November, and that was that.  And now the good news.  My new phone should be here Thursday night!   Which means, you can expect the videos coming back!  Michael D. White and myself already have a few episodes of the S10's ready for shooting!   So stay tuned, new stuff is on its way!