Elf on the shelf? Maybe not the worst thing.

November 28, 2016

So I never liked the Elf on the shelf thing.  The elf itself it creepy looking.  To be honest, that's probably my biggest problem with it, but I'm slowly realizing the elfs worth.  So I was awaken early Saturday morning after a night of djing by a Facetime phone call from my brother who lives in NJ.  Seeing how it was so early, I assumed something was up, so I answered the phone in my hung over state.  Well, I was suspired to see my five year old nephew on the other end, wanting to have a morning full of laughs with his uncle.  So I propped myself up, and did the my duties as an uncle... I entertained my nephew.  

We talked about all the important things in a five years old life, toys, tv, pre school, my cat, and most importantly Christmas.  Now this is where we get back to the elf on the shelf.  I asked my nephew Michael if they decorated for Christmas yet?  He told me they were supposed to Friday night, but as he put it, "I was a little bad yesterday so we are decorating tomorrow."  I told him he has to be good if he wants Santa to arrive at Christmas, and he said that he know and the elf in the house is watching.  I had no clue what he was talking about, until he ran through the house with my brothers phone, to show me that the elf had "moved" since last night. 

Michael told me where he had been the previous days, and that he tell Santa things like if he is good and what gifts he wants.  That's when I realized the worth of the Elf on the shelf to parents.  It's another tool in their favor to keep their children in line or in check during the holiday season.  In my day, my parents would take us to see Santa, sneak ahead of us, tell Santa we were bad, and he would snap our candy canes in half and scare us half to death.  Whatever happened to the good ole days? ~Crockett