This astronaut is sick

January 4, 2017

So over the holiday break, I went and visited my brother and my two nephews.  Well for Christmas, I got my nephews astronaut helmets, and a spaceship tent.  Now I bought these gifts with the idea that it would keep them busy, and I would be able to have some beers with my brother in peace, but anyone with kids will tell you that's not happening.  Instead, uncle Crockett ended up becoming an astronaut too.  Now I don't mind playing with my nephews, in fact I have a pretty good imagination so it's not that hard to get on their level.  Here is where the problem lied.  My one nephew has been sick for close to three months with a cold.  

Well, these helmets were put on his head numerous times, and then those same helmets found their way onto my head.  Well all those germs found their way into my system, and this morning I woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus!   Also, coughed up organe and red mucus.  To top it off, I feel like a brick has somehow found it's way behind my eyes.  I hope this passes soon, because I HATE being sick!