Answering another childhood question.

Do adults really need coffee?

June 18, 2020

Growing up, we always see adults groaning and moaning in the morning.  Those groans are usually followed by, "Not until I get my coffee?" or "Did you make the coffee?" or the classic line "is the coffee on?"  And as a kid, I always wondered why adults needed this coffee drink so badly?  Occasionally an adult would let you sip their coffee, or when their heads were turned you would sneak a sip, only to be greeted with a disgusting taste of bitterness.  "Yuck!"  I would always say.  "Why do they drink this stuff?  Is it medicine or something?  Do they need it?"  As I get older, I finally answered all my youth questions when it comes to coffee... yes, I need it.  

I'm not sure when it happened.  I'm not talking about when I started enjoying the taste of coffee, but when I started depending on coffee to function.  Don't get me wrong.  I do love a cup of coffee.  I'm a member of a coffee of the month club, where every month, a bag of ungrounded beans show up at my door, from all over the world.  Included with the bag, is a post card from where the coffee came from, and another card explaining the notes, the correct way to brew the coffee, and what type of roast im in store for.  This month I'm drinking coffee from Tanzania, and I must admit, it's quite good.  But besides taste, coffee serves a much bigger purpose in my life.  That purpose in function. 

Every morning I wake up, I shuffle to the kitchen and like a sprinter after a long race, limping to the finish line, I limp for the coffee brewer.  Once the coffee is brewed and in my cup, I toss an ice cube into the cup, a ghastly sight for some coffee experts, as you are "ruining the integrity of the coffee", but I say forget the integrity, I need to function!   And that's where I'm going with all of this.  Somewhere, the switch was made.  I went from oh I will have a cup of coffee, to I need this to get going.  It's amazing how quickly it works too!  Halfway through my cup, I'm up and running.  Ready to take on the world, and that one little cup can get me through the whole day.  

So for anyone who is young enough to wonder, "Do adults need coffee?"  The answer is yes, yes we do.