Cole Swindell Shares Video For Heartfelt New Single "Break Up In The End"

By: Annie Reuter

March 30, 2018

Cole Swindell’s new single “Break Up In the End” finds the singer reminiscing about a former relationship. While the couple is no longer together, he relives each moment saying he wouldn’t change a thing even though they break up in the end.

The video for the song has Swindell turning back time to the first time he met his now ex. The clip starts as his girl moves out and the couple relive each moment of their relationship from their initial meeting at a bar.

Written by Jon NiteChase McGill and Jessie Jo Dillon, “Break Up In the End” is the debut single from Swindell’s upcoming third album.

“I am honored that my songwriting friends trust me with such an amazing message,” Swindell says in a press release upon releasing the song. “I’m excited and confident in the strength of ‘Break Up In The End’ and it being the first song from my upcoming third album. This is the perfect set up of what’s to come."

Watch below!