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Carrie Underwood's Husband Mike Fisher Is Back In The NHL

By: Robyn Collins

February 1, 2018

“This is happening! Fish is back! So proud of you, baby! We want the cup!!!” Carrie Underwood tweeted, following the announcement that her husband, Mike Fisher, is coming out of retirement and returning to the NHL hockey team, Nashville Predators.

As team captain, Fisher led the Preds to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2017, and retired the following August, after 18 years as a pro player.

“It always kind of bugged me when guys came out of retirement,” Fisher said at a press conference. “I didn’t really think it was a possibility. I just thought about the opportunity. How good this team is. About the run last year, and what could be. I got a blessing from family and my wife.”

“Carrie asked me every few days if I was going to do it. She wanted me to do it. And she’s usually right,” he added.

“I believe this team is built to win, and has a very good chance. So that’s part of the reason I want to come back,” Fisher continued. “but we didn’t win last year, and that was the best part of my career.”

Preds Coach Peter Laviolette said, “We’re getting a terrific person back in our locker room, and a terrific player.”

Fisher will not take back his title as team captain, and it is unclear when he will actually play. but he did suit up Wednesday (Jan. 31) for a team practice. He joked to ESPN, “Bear with me, I’m still a little out of breath from the skate this morning, It’s great to be back.”