My favorite time of the year!

April 5, 2017

Baseball season is my favorite time of the year!  Doesn't matter the team, I'll watch.  I'm a diehard Yankees and Dodgers fan but the actually come second to the actual sport!  I love this  time of year because it means it's going to start getting warmer at night and that means sitting on the porch, with a cold beer, watching the game and enjoying the fresh air and nature.  I love to cook out and ride my motorcycle and this time of year means I can now do that again.

You can find me on the weekends either on my porch, just follow the food on the grill smell, or on my motorcycle on a backroad somewhere or on a ball field.

Let's catch a game sometime or just play some catch and drink a beer!

I also, really want THIS!

It's a bat that's also a beer mug!!!